We partner with FedEx, USPS, DHL, and UPS to offer a multitude of shipping options. Items are always safely and securely packed prior to mailing. For smaller items, such as Magic cards, we offer flat rate shipping in the United States, with variable rate International shipping. Playmats and medium sized goods usually ship via USPS Priority, which is anywhere from $7-20, depending on size and weight. Other shipping options can always be requested by contacting us at

Shipping of high value items can often be strenuous, until that new one-of-a-kind item is safely in your hands. All items of this nature are extremely well-packed, and fully insured when shipped with one of our standard shipping vendors. If the price of shipping seems high for a relatively small item, this is usually do to the cost of the actual insurance component, which accounts for the bulk of the cost.

Concierge Service In-Person Delivery

For high value items we also offer in-person delivery through our Concierge Services. Please head over to that page if you are interested in personalized delivery options, by hand (at buyer’s cost).


Because most of the items that we offer are very unique, and often one of a kind items, we do not offer returns. All sales are final. We guarantee every item to be authentic, as advertised. Every piece of original artwork purchased from MTGKingpin includes a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing its authenticity and legitimacy as advertised. Most original artwork was purchased directly from the artist, and has a short chain of custody, and trackable provenance.