In-Person Delivery

Sometimes buyers do not feel comfortable mailing unique or high value items, which is understandable. No shipping service is completely infallible. We now offer concierge High Value Item service for in-person delivery (at cost of travel, accommodation, and a small fee) for High Value Items, at the buyer’s request (and cost). This means we will hand deliver an original piece of artwork, or other High Value Item, to you locally in your city. Not the cheapest option by any means, but certainly the most secure, passing through the fewest hands in chain of custody, with the least risk of damage or loss. For delivery scheduling and a cost estimate, please contact us at for a free consultation.

Appraisal Services

We are pleased to offer concierge appraisal service for Magic: The Gathering artwork, and associated rarities and collectibles. With over two decades of experience of high volume buying and selling in the industry, for a small fee we can provide estimates for record-keeping, estate planning, sales evaluation, and insurance purposes. This analysis looks at both the public and private markets for comparables, as well as historical data, and recent market trends.

Appraisals can be arranged online and at trade shows, and we now offer traveling in-person consultation of large private collections by private concierge appointment as well. Appraisal returns are generated in IRS standard appraisal item format. Private concierge appraisals will also receive high quality digital photography attached with appraisals, for recording and archival purposes. Note: we do not buy any item that we formally appraise for documentation purposes. This is a formality and standard in the appraisal industry that we adhere to.

Jaco, CEO of MTGKingpin