Mutavault Original Magic: The Gathering Art (Prelim Sketch)


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Title: Mutavault (Prelim Sketch)
Artist: Fred Fields
Year: 2007
Medium: Graphite & pastel on paper

Created for the Magic: The Gathering Morningtide expansion, Mutavault is an iconic piece by longtime fantasy artist Fred Fields. Released in 2008 by Wizards of the Coast, as part of the Lorwyn block, Mutavault has long been a format-defining card in Standard and Extended, while also seeing serious play in Modern, Legacy, and Vintage.

During the Magic: The Gathering art creation process, artists usually create a preliminary sketch of their idea for the direction of the artwork, and then forward this preliminary work to the art director of the project for approval. After the art director’s approval, the wheels are set in motion for the final artwork (traditional or digital) to be created. This preliminary artwork is a unique look in to what the artist originally envisioned for the piece, which sometimes changes before the final product takes shape.

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Additional information

Art Medium

Graphite on paper

Art Dimensions

8" W x 6" H

Total Dimensions

10" W x 7" H

Framing and Matting