Packing Shipments

When shipping a high value package, please follow all of these instructions in this exact order. Customers depend on reliability, and these steps help ensure they get a safe and consistent package each time.

1. Print out packing slip(s) and shipping label(s).

2. Package up each high value item safely, in sleeves plus toploader, at a minimum. Then tape the toploader closed (see picture below). “Team bag” or small sealable Ziploc baggy surrounding toploader(s) also welcome, just to prevent any moisture during transit.

3. Package up the toploader and packing slip inside of something else, such as a bubble mailer or bubble wrap (see picture below). This is to prevent item from moving around in Priority box during transit, and this is absolutely necessary. If you do not have access to either of these, you can use small Priority envelope, folded, and then other generic paper to pack inside of the Priority box so items do not shift too much during transit.

4. Take the (clearly designated) SMALL PRIORITY FLAT RATE BOX from USPS counter. They are free and do not cost anything, and when folded up are about the size of a VHS tape or slightly larger (see picture below for size). THIS IS THE EXACT PACKAGING THAT THE PREPAID LABEL IS SET TO USE; DO NOT DEVIATE FROM IT.

5. Once SMALL PRIORITY FLAT RATE BOX is folded/constructed, insert your padded and protected cards and packing slip inside (see picture below).

6. Once SMALL PRIORITY FLAT RATE BOX is packed up and sealed, tape the label on each appropriate package (see picture below).

7. Once all of this is done, simply stand in line at post office counter and tell them you want to “check in” these prepaid packages to get a receipt. After they have scanned them in you’ll get a receipt, and that’s it. You are done.