Friends and Ballers Sale

Here is our quick sale of some hot loots for friends and ballers. If a card is found in a scan but not listed here, it has sold. Current inventory shown below:
4 Academy Rector (German Foil, LP) – $425 each or $1400/playset FRONT BACK
4 Badlands (Revised, MP) – $190 each FRONT BACK
5 City of Traitors (signed, LP) – $230 each FRONT BACK
2 City of Traitors (signed, MP-/HP) – $200 each FRONT BACK
3 Crucible of Worlds (FDN, LP) – $50 each
4 Flooded Strand (T. Chinese Foil, signed, LP) – $600 each or $500/playset FRONT BACK
4 Goryo’s Vengeance (LP) – $35 each FRONT BACK
1 Gwendlyn di Corci (English, LP) – $110 FRONT BACK
1 Humility (English, LP) – $35 each FRONT BACK
3 Humility (German, LP) – $40 each FRONT BACK
1 In the Eye of Chaos (English, MP) – $100 FRONT BACK
1 In the Eye of Chaos (English, LP) – $110 FRONT BACK
4 Intuition (LP) – $50 each FRONT BACK
2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor (Worldwake, LP) – $75 each FRONT BACK
3 Karn Liberated (New Phyrexia, altered) – $80 each FRONT BACK
1 Land Equilibrium (English, MP) – $90 FRONT BACK
1 Lion’s Eye Diamond (MP) – $200 each FRONT BACK
1 Mana Crypt (Judge Foil, signed, NM) – $150 FRONT BACK
1 Polluted Delta (T. Chinese Foil, signed, LP) – $600 FRONT BACK
4 Savannah Lions (Unlimited, LP) – $400/playset FRONT BACK
2 Scrubland (Revised, LP) – $140 each FRONT BACK
3 Scrubland (Revised, MP) – $135 each FRONT BACK
3 Serra’s Sanctum (LP) – $85 each FRONT BACK
3 Time Spiral (LP) – $60 each
1 Time Spiral (MP) – $55 each
3 Tolarian Academy (LP) – $50 each FRONT BACK
1 Tundra (Revised, LP) – $250
1 Underworld Dreams (English Legends, inked around front edges/damaged) – $50 FRONT BACK
1 Yawgmoth’s Will (Japanese, LP) – $60 FRONT BACK
1 Yawgmoth’s Will (Japanese, HP) – $50


This is the friends and ballers sale because the prices are intentionally priced low to move for people who are familiar with us to save on fees elsewhere, and do not include shipping (which are based on your location and level of service required) or any PayPal fees (if you are not paying via Friends&Family). If you need references I run Eternal Central, MTGKingpin, many of the large Old School tourneys in the USA, and am currently playing in the VSL. I have thousands of references on eBay, MOTL, TCGPlayer, and FB. High resolution scans of anything is available. Priority will go to serious buyers who can actually read these details, and who require the least hand holding, as we expect these to sell very quickly, and don’t have time right now to mess around otherwise for fence sitters. For any questions regarding individual products, shipping, payment options, or anything else, please feel free to contact us immediately at

Trades and Buylist

We are always accepting trade-ins, and for the moment we have a fairly narrow buylist (signed for any/all is fine), which can always be found here: